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So mostly this post is to say that GUYS, I just finished watching Continuum, and contrary to how slow the pilot is, THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD, OH GOSH.

I mean, there is zero femslash, because basically Rachel Nichols' character is the only female and she interacts with no dudes ever, but she is given this really lovely Noble Hero Trying To Go Home arc, and the way they are doing time travel (because guys: this show is about time travel) and the politics between the various past and present factions is very, very cool.

For those of you who are all WHAT IS THIS FUNNY CANADIAN PROGRAM OF WHICH YOU SPEAK, um. Basically it's a sci-fi series brought to you by the network that created Lost Girl, but with higher production value. It's about Kiera Cameron, who is a cop in Vancouver in 2077, until some terrorists send themselves BACK IN TIME, FOR EVIL and accidentally they go to Vancouver in 2012 and accidentally she goes with them, and then stuff happens. The entire show is basically gen, and revolves around EXPLOSIONS and CAN WE CHANGE THE FUTURE/WHAT IF WE ALREADY HAVE, but - I don't know. It's a really well-done, clever take on a concept that has been done a lot. I'd recommend watching it - it's only ten episodes, and what about CANADIAN TIME COP is not amazing, come on.

(Also possibly I have a soft spot for Kiera, whose interests are, in order: Family, Punching Terrorists In The Face, Horsies (THIS IS CANON), and Seriously Considering Awkwardly Making Friends, Maybe, With People From 2012. [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego and I also have this theory that she is going to move to Vancouver Island in season 2 and develop a passion for baking organic spelt scones, but that may just be us.)

I think that all of you should watch it, so we can discuss how OH GOSH, TIME TRAVEL. We could also maybe discuss how I'd sort of like genfic featuring Kiera and Kellogg on that ridiculous boat, if you like. IT GIVES ME INFINITY LOLS.
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