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Dear [livejournal.com profile] femslash12:


I am really excited that you are my partner. I am confident that you have excellent taste, because we have matched on at least one of my favourite pairings in my favourite fandoms EVER, and I am super excited to read whatever you decide to write for me.

In broad, general terms, I like madcap adventures and truly ridiculous AUs (think: that one time everyone was a sexy vampire/cowboy/pirate/space-time traveler). If you want to write the story that is basically GUYS WHAT IF MYKA WAS A SAILOR AND HG WELLS HAD AN EYEPATCH AND THEY MADE EYES AT EACH OTHER ACROSS THE OCEAN, I would be THERE.

The characters I gravitate to in fiction are women who are grown up and excellent at their jobs and have a core of vulnerability but don't let it stop them from being fantastic at punching stuff in the face/blowing things up/quietly saving the universe, and I like them to stay that way in fic.

I like reading about kissing, and very consensual, enthusiastic sex, sometimes on tabletops. But I also like reading about friendly devotion that blurs that line into romantic devotion, and holding hands, and spooning, if the emotional notes are hit just right. My automatic, bulletproof squicks include: dramatic verbal declarations of love, any rom-com style romantic "misunderstanding", non-consensual sexual activity, babies, weddings, that thing where people "play doctor" and it's a "sexy physical exam" etc. Emphatically no thank you.

If you would like to read more about my thoughts on the specific fandoms I requested, they are under the cut. If not, dear writer, I hope you have fun and write something that suits your interests and style. I'm super excited to read it!

Lost Girl: MY FAVOURITEST OF ALL THE FANDOMS EVER. This show is like a warm, fuzzy blanket of Canadian genre camp and I love every single second of it. I love Bo and Lauren together because basically, I love Lauren the mostest and want her to find true love. And I want her to find it with Bo, because I love that dynamic of Bo-teaches-Lauren-about-being-handcuffed-to-the-headboard, Lauren-teaches-Bo-how-to-function-in-adult-relationships. And I love that Lauren bakes and is a tremendous science geek and basically you could write about them doing anything together plus kissing and I'd love it.

I love Bo and Kenzi together because oh man, I WANTED to only see them as platonic best friends but they keep rescuing each other and calling each other the most important person in their lives, and at a certain point I am not made of stone. They lurve each other.

I requested Bo and the Morrigan together because I am SHALLOW, and basically every time Bo engages with the Dark Fae things end in KINKY, ENTHUSIASTIC, ULTRA COMPETITIVE HATE SEX, and can you imagine how excellent that would be. VERY.

Warehouse 13: Oh show. My show. Basically I am heavily emotionally invested in Myka and H.G. and Claudia, and I want them all to be happy. I love Myka and Helena because they truly do have a grand, epic love story, and the arc of the two of them growing close and having that falling out and gently coming back together again is lovely and beautiful. Anything about them at all would be wonderful, especially them in season 4, before or after the last episode of the season. The other two pairings are up to you, author. I love Claudia, and suspect she has massive gay lady crushes on both Myka and Helena, since she looks up to them so hard, but don't necessarily think that would read that well as romantic fic. If you wanted to write gen about any or all of these characters, I would be ok with that too.

Also, if you feel like you want to write Kenzi/Claudia, aka CROSSOVER FEMSLASH OTP OF MY SOUL, know that I would be okay with that A LOT. I think they would get along brilliantly, and have a wonderful, sarcastic friendship that quietly turned into a wonderful, sarcastic first lady-relationship, and it would be AMAZING. Claudia would teach Kenzi about hacking! Kenzi would teach Claudia about picking pockets! Also they'd make out!

Nikita: I just - this show is the story of Nikita and her girlfriend Alex. That's pretty much all I've got. Anything you think would work with this pairing, writer, I approve of.

[livejournal.com profile] piratey
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