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Happy holidays-that-you-may-or-may-not-celebrate-in-December, flist! I MISS YOU.

This is the first year in many, many years that I did not do Yuletide, and on the one hand I think that was an excellent decision, because I got approximately a billion colds over the month of December and it was no fun. On the other, it is so weird not doing Yuletide and stressing out/checking for gifts with the rest of fandom! Where are you guys? DO I NEED TO ACTUALLY START READING TUMBLR I CAN'T IT'S TOO HARD.

I am pondering doing one of those "year in review" memes, but basically it would go something like, "This Year I Very Much Enjoyed Bo/Lauren, You Can Tell Because I Wrote An Enormous Pirate AU Of Them." Also I hardly wrote compared to previous years, mostly because: job. Which is good for me on the one hand, but on the other I miss writing and getting wrapped up in fictional worlds, you know?

I did still watch lots and lots and lots of TV shows - I am still not ~emotionally ready~ to rewatch the last half of Warehouse 13 and process it, because I have TOO MANY FEELINGS, but it totally happened.

Also I have been keeping up to date on Once Upon A Time, and letting it percolate, and I still do not, like, ~get~ Emma/Regina, but OH MY GOD CAN WE DISCUSS HOW MUCH I LOVE RUBY/BELLE AND WANT THEM TO FALL IN FABULOUS TRUE LOVE AND ADOPT A KITTEN. I rewatched "Skin Deep" last night, and now I have all these thoughts on Belle, because APPARENTLY my one true character these days is someone bookish and a little bit awkward who has spent a fair bit of their lives in some sort of prison. DON'T JUDGE ME. Where - where do I find the other people who also have thoughts on her and then we talk about how she should make out with Ruby and is it possible to make out without being in True Love if you are a Fairytale Person and oh my god is Rumplestiltskin not the creepiest thing to ever creep WHY IS THAT A THING and what do you guys think Belle's favourite kinds of books would be.

I - it is possible that I want to write fic.

ALSO ALSO ALSO Lost Girl comes back NEXT MONTH, and there will be a Season 3 and there will be kissing and Bo will be all evil and skanky and Lauren will look like this in her excellent gay shirt collection and GUYS WHAT IF BO HOOKS UP WITH THE MORRIGAN. IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN OMGOMG. I plan to celebrate by rewatching the entire series, if I can ever stop pondering Once Upon A Time.

Please discuss?
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