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Apparently I only update when ~the mood strikes~ and I write fic. Opportunities for this are clearly SUPER FREQUENT in my life right now.

Still on Tumblr, which I am checking more often. I still don't feel like it really provides a lot of chances to connect with new people, which I think is a shame, but it does let me keep up with the excellent fandom people that I know from here, and that is important. Anyway, for those unaware: swashbucklery is me.

My love for all my TV favourites continues unabated, but also I have a new TV love, namely: Agents of SHIELD. I fully was only expecting to watch this show to follow the inevitable MCU movie tie-ins, but then OMG Skye, and then Simmons, and they got me. Like, I get that the bus is essentially Serenity, and I think they are pushing the GET IT? FOUND FAMILY? vibe a bit hard, but everyone is so cute and I just want them to not die and solve mysteries and play Scrabble together. A LOT.

And then things happened in recent episodes of the show, and I had a sudden feelings explosion where I shipped Skye and Simmons, and then there was fic.

would it be okay if i took your breath away, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye/Simmons, NC-17
"I want to try something," Jemma tells Skye one afternoon.
(LJ | DW | AO3)
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