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Time for some [community profile] femslash11 recs!

Abut, Abet, Abed, by zvi (Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren, PG)
Bo and Lauren, having that talk. This is sweet and in character, and kind of hurts in that way that Bo/Lauren always seems to. I love it.

What Happens in Bangkok, by [personal profile] aural_stimulatn (DCU Batverse, Helena/Dinah, PG)
I don't know, you guys. I'm kind of the worst comic fan ever, but I do love Birds of Prey and I definitely have a soft spot for the way that Helena totally wants to bang Dinah like, all the time. This is a really endearing look at the two of them kind of maybe sort of starting something, that ties into the recent BoP run really nicely.

She's got no future (just a life to endure), by [personal profile] mosca (True Blood, Jessica/Pam, R)
If you've been watching True Blood this season, you know all about how Jessica is slowly, quietly becoming amazing. This story walks through the way Jessica and Pam would and should hook up, and fits really nicely with what we know about Season 4's arc so far. Also, it's sexy, and also, slutty queer lady vampires.

Meminerunt Omnia Amantes, by [profile] thrace_ (Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren, R)
Guys, this is hands-down amazing. It is Bo and Lauren, and [profile] thrace_ gives Lauren the backstory she totally has in my heart, and Bo is an awkward idiot horndog and Kenzi is the Kenziest and Bo has to save Lauren from a thing, and it involves feelings and sexiness and an actual plot. It's cute, and very in character, and then sometimes there are moments that make your heart beat faster while you're reading, and basically it's everything I like in fanfiction so I cannot be coherent about it at all. RUN. DON'T WALK. THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER.

This time next week: FanExpo is happening. There is a Lost Girl panel. Goal: to not make any embarrassing Dr. Porn Lady jokes while in the same room as Zoie Palmer. Also, to be in the same room as Zoie Palmer. And possibly Anna Silk. And that one that [profile] fivewhatfive likes.
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GUYS! GUYS IT IS [community profile] femslash11 O'CLOCK AND I AM EXCITED.

I got a ridiculous, incredibly thoughtful wacky AU fic that combines pretty much every fandom I've ever had: There You Are, Warehouse 13/Fringe/Castle, Myka/HG and Olivia/Kate, PG-13.

I wrote fic for everysecondtuesday:
We Were Lovers (Now We're Not Even Friends), Warehouse 13, Myka/HG, NC-17.

ALSO some other people wrote phenomenal stories that are so awesome I could just hold them to my heart, so there shall be a recs post in the very near future.
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Let's talk about fandom, you guys. It's been a while.

1) Awesome things are happening, fandom-wise? My [community profile] femslash11 assignment is going to be super fun, and [community profile] femslash_today is having a holiday weekend porn battle. You should all go write some stories! I am currently choosing to spend my time writing fanfiction about Lauren and Bo and some strippers, which - if anyone wants to beta that or talk it out with me, please let me know?

2) No, seriously. I need a Lost Girl beta. Volunteers would be awesome.

3) Can we please discuss the new season of True Blood? Namely, some spoilers for 4.01 and 4.02? ) I forgot how awesomely over-the-top this show is.

4) Warehouse 13 starts July 11! That's like, really soon! Remember how pretty all of those people are? And how this show is ridiculous but adorable, and also how Myka is going to look like this in the season premiere and I WILL BE OVER HERE IN MY CORNER QUIETLY DYING AT HOW HOT SHE IS?

not-really-spoilery promo for 3.01 )
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Dear author,

Hello! I am 100% THE MOST STOKED that you are writing one of my requests this year. The femslash series of ficathons are always my favourites, and I trust that whatever you come up with will be 100% completely awesome.

However, if you are like me, you may be interested in more detailed information about the kind of stuff that I like best.

that stuff is here. )

So. There you have it. If you're not the kind of person who likes tons of detail about the things that I enjoy, that's honestly fine. Write the story you think you'll write the best and enjoy writing the most, and I'm sure I'll love it.

Seriously how fun is this going to be,
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Oh man, guys. I am LE TIRED. I need approximately 1000% more sleep than I am getting, BUT I MISS YOU, MY LIVEJOURNAL FRIENDS.

Because I of that, I thought I would post, because Stana Katic's face is extraordinarily relevant to my interests this week and there has been a lot of excellent examples of her face on [profile] stanakaticdaily recently. I am reposting my favourites here mostly for shallow-discussion-related reasons, not because I want to ~take credit~ for that comm's pictures.

ANYWAY apparently she went to some Czech film festival, and this involved wearing a hundred silly outfits.

cut )


Also, [community profile] femslash11 is taking signups until the 16th. It is my very very favourite ficathon, and cool people run it every year, and if you like chicks kissing and fanfiction you should sign up.
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GUYS. GUYS. The voting for [community profile] femslash11 (or, for the LJ-friendy: femslash11) is up, and IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME THAT CERTAIN FANDOMS WITH PRETTY GIRLS I LIKE BE INCLUDED. Not that I'm telling any of you how to vote for Community, because that would be wrong, but IF YOU LIKE WRITING THE LADY FANFICTION I THINK YOU SHOULD VOTE.

ALSO HYPOTHETICALLY if you guys were interested, Warehouse 13 is included in Part 2 of the poll in the LJ-version.

Also also: Community is making me almost ill with how amazing it is, and I want to marry Britta Perry. I still haven't watched Fringe. Kate Beckett's hair is a work of art that should be preserved in a museum of beautiful things for eternity, and I like when she wears t-shirts.

Also also also: OMG I almost forgot. [profile] thrace_ and I have been flipping out lately, because warehouse 13 ) THIS WILL BE EVER SO GRAND.

(Also secret aside to [profile] cidercupcakes and [personal profile] fox1013: still campaigning for both of you to watch this show, I THINK IT IS YOUR THING.)


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