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Happy long weekend of several different religious holidays, internet. I hope yours has been as excellent as mine has.

1. In celebration of spring/also I just bought it and it did not work as well on my toes as I thought it would, I now have electric lime nails. THIS IS AWESOME. I feel simultaneously super 80s and like a pretty princess.

2. I have been really really trying to work steadily at my [livejournal.com profile] fivetimesbb story, which is Bo and Lauren being pirates and IDK swashbuckling and making out and stuff, as I am sort of panicking re: the idea of getting it done by the end of the month. It is 8,000 words, and probably will end up being about 9 once I sit down and turn some of the [and then they do this] bits into actual paragraphs. This means, on the one hand, that I am almost done I AM PRETTY SURE. But on the other, this means I now get to start the pretty mammoth task of editing it into something approaching a decent story.

3. To coax myself into doing that, I let myself write a tiny sliver of Bo/The Morrigan. FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE AND WRITE MORE, GUYS. Possibly with bondage, and/or maple syrup.

under the cut )

4. I still have So Many Feelings over the Lost Girl S2 finale, and I do not know where I go to find the people who are also freaking out over how great/ridiculous/who cares it's awesome this show is. (And, obviously, writing the post-finale fic and talking endlessly about how Bo should totally - with Lauren's blessing - start sleeping with the Morrigan on the side and also shipping the fuck out of Kenzi and Hale and kind of sometimes secretly shipping Bo and Kenzi.)

I am debating trying to organize some kind of fic thing at [livejournal.com profile] bo_lauren, although really what I want is a GIANT ALL-LADIES-ALL-THE-TIME KINK MEME, and for everyone I know who is amazing at fic to play.

Thoughts, livejournal? Hopes? Dreams? Concerns?
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Three things:

Today is the 16th, which means that Lost Girl premieres tonight if you are an American who has SyFy and inexplicably hates using the internet to ~acquire~ awesome television. JUST IN CASE YOU HAD FORGOTTEN. I HAVE YOUR BACK.

In "things that are 100% [livejournal.com profile] fivewhatfive's fault" news, I wrote this Gossip Girl/Lost Girl ficlet, in which Bo and Nate begin a beautiful, beautiful friendship. This friendship mostly involves casual pot-smoking and Nate laughing at Bo's relationship problems. They very occasionally fight crime as long as it happens after brunch.
when the world comes crashing down, who's ready to party?, Crossover, Lost Girl/Gossip Girl, gen
Summary (LJ | AO3)

And in other fic-related news, I have decided that my [livejournal.com profile] fivetimesbb story is going to involve Bo and Lauren as dashing pirates, and I sort of totally forgot how sometimes writing truly outlandish AU fic can be so fun.

pew pew pew

Nov. 4th, 2011 07:59 am
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Community last night was. . .about what I expected from a Community episode about gay people. (That is: heavily reliant on stereotypes, queer-woman-phobic and transphobic, not quite offensive enough to be flat-out homophobic as the message was, theoretically, that being homophobic is wrong.) Still smitten with Britta, still deeply amused by any and all Inspector Spacetime jokes from now until forever.

Sigh. Once again, my disgruntled hangover Britta icon is the most appropriate.

In other, less depressing news: holiday ficathons! Because apparently it is now November, and SUDDENLY WE ARE PONDERING THE TIME PERIOD AROUND DECEMBER 25. I am trying to figure out what to do - last year I took on too many stories, and ended up having to default on Yuletide, but I am 90% sure it was the kind of defaulting where I can still participate this year. So I am now torn between Yuletide vs. participating in round two of [profile] girlsgunsfic vs. IDK, really I just want to write something about Bo and Lauren ~unwrapping presents~ and some of those presents are breasts.
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This weekend: a list.

1. OMG TIME OFF. Currently trying to decide if I should spend time marathoning old shows that I love, or if I should start something new. There are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I could watch ALL OF LOST GIRL! Or finish my Buffy rewatch! Or catch up on this season of Gossip Girl! Or start SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW THAT HAS GIRLS IN IT.

2. Speaking of Gossip Girl: guys, there is a new book out. It is a rewrite of the first book, except that Serena is a serial killer. Serena is a serial killer. THIS IS A REAL THING. THAT SOMEONE ACTUALLY WROTE. I plan to pay actual money for it, and enjoy the heck out of the experience. The universe is a wonderful place.

3. Also, OMG, [profile] bo_lauren is having a commentficathon! If Bo/Lauren is your jam, I would 100% love it if you guys would head over there and leave prompts, or write fic. :DDDDDD? IT WILL BE FUN.

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1. [profile] ladies_fest is taking prompts! If you were, IDK, interested in ladies or fanfiction, flist. Hypothetically.

2. Also [profile] seeker_kink is happening, if any of you are interested in reading or writing porn about the most powerful magic of all - the kind that happens in Kahlan's skirts.

3. Still can't discuss the True Blood finale, except that I was simultaneously ecstatic and DEVASTATED regarding various developments in that episode. Sweet fancy Moses, Alan Ball. Also, I will totally watch next season, even if it is approaching L Word Season 5 levels of drama.

4. So, I wasn't super stoked for Season 4 of Fringe, after the end of S3. For various reasons, the writers' agenda and my agenda for Olivia Dunham were not meshing, and I was growing a bit disinterested.

But then [profile] thrace_ posted this photo on Tumblr, and good grief, my loins.

spoiler for HOTNESS. ) I approve.

5. Still very much enjoying Lost Girl. Still pretty sure that everyone I know should watch it. It's possible that [personal profile] deej and I have made an agreement that means I'm writing long, plotty, self-indulgent fic featuring Hot Doctor Lauren remaining hot.

6. I would also really really like the universe to produce more Lost Girl/LotS crossovers, if that's possible. I feel like those shows are both ridiculous enough that it would totally be plausible, and also HILARIOUS. As [profile] fivewhatfive pointed out recently, Bo and Richard are basically the same person, and also BO AND CARA. They would get so competitive! Kahlan would make adorable, scandalized faces! They could all swap tips on how they maintain their fabulous hair/impressive cleavage! And let us not even DISCUSS how amazing Kenzi in the Midlands would be, omg.
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Let's do a meme, flist. It's been too long. (Stolen from [personal profile] fated_addiction)

1. Give me a pairing
2. An AU setting (i.e., they work at colonial Williamsburg! they are on a spaceship! they are meteorologists and a hurricane is coming!
3. And I will write you three lines of fic. And porn.
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Let's talk about fandom, you guys. It's been a while.

1) Awesome things are happening, fandom-wise? My [community profile] femslash11 assignment is going to be super fun, and [community profile] femslash_today is having a holiday weekend porn battle. You should all go write some stories! I am currently choosing to spend my time writing fanfiction about Lauren and Bo and some strippers, which - if anyone wants to beta that or talk it out with me, please let me know?

2) No, seriously. I need a Lost Girl beta. Volunteers would be awesome.

3) Can we please discuss the new season of True Blood? Namely, some spoilers for 4.01 and 4.02? ) I forgot how awesomely over-the-top this show is.

4) Warehouse 13 starts July 11! That's like, really soon! Remember how pretty all of those people are? And how this show is ridiculous but adorable, and also how Myka is going to look like this in the season premiere and I WILL BE OVER HERE IN MY CORNER QUIETLY DYING AT HOW HOT SHE IS?

not-really-spoilery promo for 3.01 )
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1. I cannot begin to articulate all of the many feelings I have about Castle and the season finale. I mean, clearly spoilers. ) BUT EVEN SO, I CANNOT HANDLE THE SWIRLING TEMPEST OF EMOTIONS HAPPENING INSIDE RIGHT NOW.

spoilers about feelings! )

Guys, we need to discuss this. At length. Urgently.

2. [community profile] thelittlebang is happening! I am not playing this round, as there is 100% no way I can finish a 15,000 word story on a deadline with my current life commitments, but I had a really great experience participating (and wrote My Heart is Plotting Treason, aka the greatest and most ridiculous thing I have ever written). IN CONCLUSION: IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE GOOD.

3. Speaking of season finales, I also have a lot of thoughts on the Community finale. Most of these thoughts are along the lines of, "AL;KJFLS;KDFJKSD BRITTA IN JEANS, BELT BUCKLES, LESBIANS, LEATHER VESTS UNF" and also an elaborate outline for fic where Britta and Annie hook up over summer vacation.

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GUYS. GUYS. The voting for [community profile] femslash11 (or, for the LJ-friendy: femslash11) is up, and IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME THAT CERTAIN FANDOMS WITH PRETTY GIRLS I LIKE BE INCLUDED. Not that I'm telling any of you how to vote for Community, because that would be wrong, but IF YOU LIKE WRITING THE LADY FANFICTION I THINK YOU SHOULD VOTE.

ALSO HYPOTHETICALLY if you guys were interested, Warehouse 13 is included in Part 2 of the poll in the LJ-version.

Also also: Community is making me almost ill with how amazing it is, and I want to marry Britta Perry. I still haven't watched Fringe. Kate Beckett's hair is a work of art that should be preserved in a museum of beautiful things for eternity, and I like when she wears t-shirts.

Also also also: OMG I almost forgot. [profile] thrace_ and I have been flipping out lately, because warehouse 13 ) THIS WILL BE EVER SO GRAND.

(Also secret aside to [profile] cidercupcakes and [personal profile] fox1013: still campaigning for both of you to watch this show, I THINK IT IS YOUR THING.)
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1) CASTLE. CASTLE CASTLE CASTLE. Mostly I am referring to KATE BECKETT and how pretty she is, god I could die. IT IS WONDERFUL. I want this show to exist forever just so Beckett can have adorably sensible ponytails and wear jeans and t-shirts and be emotionally-vulnerable-yet-fucking-badass.


spoilers )

Also there is Fringe tonight which PS I am TERRIFIED of, WHAT IF IT'S AWESOME/WHAT IF IT SUCKS. My heart may not be able to handle all of these feelings. Also also, um. I kind of started a Community-related Tumblr and I don't know if any of you are interested but hypothetically if you are, it would be here: Greendale Texts From Last Night
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spoilers for episode 3 )

Even though this show is done by Starz, it reminds me a lot of Seeker in its earnest, over-the-top, taking-itself-too-deadly-seriously lulziness. Basically, I really wish more people were watching it so that we could all discuss, together, how amazing it is. YOU STILL HAVE TIME BEFORE GAME OF THRONES STARTS, GUYS. CAMELOT IS ONLY GOING TO BE SIX EPISODES.

2) I have a lot of really awesome navel-gazing thoughts on fanfiction, but I will SPARE YOU ALL THE PLEASURE for now. In short: I wrote a story, on request from [personal profile] sos10 and [personal profile] shimmeryshine in exchange for a donation to the Japanese Red Cross.

Think You're Funny (When I Get The Punchline Wrong) Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Legend of the Seeker Camp Midlands AU, Cara/Kahlan, PG-13
"Come on," Cara says. She quirks one eyebrow, in a silent dare, and Kahlan sighs.

It kind of got lost in the constant DDoS attacks, so I figured I'd mention it. Also, if you are interested in making me write more stories, this entry is where you should go.

3) [profile] fivewhatfive is giving me sudden fits of Kate Walsh nostalgia, what with mentioning her all the time. Like I was saying to her, I have this issue where I don't really like anything Kate Walsh is currently working on, but I sort of miss a time in my life when I did, and could revel in her party-time-having, animal-loving totally not a lesbian antics.

(Also, she did this recently, and it made me want to run to the internet and be like, [personal profile] fox1013 [personal profile] fox1013, REMEMBER THE PAST? IT APPARENTLY MISSES US. Because seriously. Seriously.)

4) Speaking of pop culture's gifts to music and the world, all of you are aware that NKOTBSB are a thing, right? A glorious, aging-pretty-boy music machine, here from the past to bring us hot beats about sensitive guys who just want to bang ladies, filling a gap that pop music has been utterly unable to fill since 2001?

I THOUGHT SO. If not: you're welcome.
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1. There are more Lost Girl picspams coming, but then I realized that's kind of. . .all I've been LJing, and I thought I should talk about something else for a while, first.

2. Then I realized that nothing else is happening in my fandoms, like, at all. I mean, I have a very substantial outline for Kate Beckett: Vampire Hunter, and have even decided to commit to having HETEROSEXUAL KISSING in it, but that is not so much "fandom" news as "things that happen in my head after fandom happens."

3. Relatedly, WHAT STANA KATIC, UNFFFFFFF. cut )

4. Speaking of foxy lady cops, I am also keeping up with Fringe. However, I. . .really have some very strong opinions on Peter/Olivia that are colouring my enjoyment of the current run of episodes. But Anna Torv is amazing and her hair is glorious and she's awfully pretty. That's really all I've got.

5. GUYS, if you want to make me write whatever your heart desires for justice CHARITY, there are two more stories/picspams up for grabs at my last entry, here.
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I've been thinking, for the past few days, about doing something along the lines of offering something for the [livejournal.com profile] help_japan auctions. But - well, it's mostly that I have free time to write now, and won't when the auctions close.

Anyway. I've decided to offer up stories here, in a much less structured way:

The first five people to comment to this entry will be able to request either: a story of at least 500 words on a fandom and pairing of their choosing, OR a picspam of at least 500 words (plus pictures) about an episode of a TV show of their choosing. In exchange, bidder, you must make a donation of at least $10 US (or the equivalent in your favourite currency) to the Red Cross. You will be asked to provide some sort of proof of donation - screencaps are fine.

I'll match whatever the total is, up to a max of $50. Fandoms include pretty much everything I've ever talked about here, with the exception of Disney RPF fandoms and Wizards, which I'm currently not feeling.

That said, if you're not feeling this offer, I'd still encourage you all to go to [livejournal.com profile] help_japan and bid on things, as well/instead.
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So there is this meme, on Tumblr, where people are using cleverly-chosen caps of shows and movies to "remix" things into other genres. Guys, I sort of want it to be a fic meme, instead. I want to remix Castle into a show where Castle is a plucky journalist looking for his Big Story and Beckett is a jaded, battle-hardened demon slayer and together they roam the streets of New York, and mostly this involves Beckett wearing fetching leather jackets and rescuing Castle an awful lot. And maybe one of the sexy vampires she has to slay looks a lot like Leighton Meester, and maybe she's secretly dating an up-and-coming NYPD detective named Olivia Dunham WHATEVER.

Ooh, or Legend of the Seeker as historical-realism political drama, where there has been some kind of civil war over paternity and Richard is the new king and has to stop the serfs from revolting or whatever, while Cara and Kahlan make out/help?

Also, I meant to do a picspam post about this, but then I got busy. Basically: IF YOU ARE NOT WATCHING CAMELOT, YOU ARE A LOSER WHO HATES FUN. It is the most amazing Arthur retelling ever, because it features EVA GREEN'S CRAZY EYES, and guys I just want to give Morgan a hundred kingdoms and a shiny black pony and a cupcake and AS MANY MANWHORES AS SHE WOULD LIKE.

Possibly I am watching it wrong, I think I am supposed to be rooting for the shirtless blonde guy. He is very nice too, but basically Eva Green is rocking the shit out of every scene she's in, and I am pretty stoked for the rest of the season.
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Guys, I don't even know. I want to talk about TV, but Fringe makes me serious and Chuck makes me SO ANGRY and Castle - okay, I could talk about Castle for days, but nobody wants to talk about how Beckett has a stable of secret girlfriends on the side, they all want to talk about Beckett/Castle. Which, fair enough, it's actually in the show and not just in my imagination, but I AM TELLING YOU, THE VERSION IN MY IMAGINATION IS PRETTY FUN.

What else do I watch, you guys? I flirted briefly with Spartacus, but then Slutty Naked Roman Jaime Murray got spoilered ), which I guess is a lesson for us all: DON'T SPOILER. )

However, let us not discuss unhappy things. There's that meme, where you go through your WIP folder and show people titles of the stories you haven't finished yet? I thought I might do it. Here are mine, in alphabetical order:
cowrites-w13epic (THIS ONE WILL ACTUALLY GET FINISHED, [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ AND I ARE ON THE CASE)

If anyone wants to discuss any of these, I AM GAME. Except for the Disney RPF ones, which I will probably not finish at this point. BUT ANYTHING ELSE.
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I finally posted the ridiculous Lost Girl fic that was supposed to be a porn battle snippet and ended up as 5,000 words of feelings. WHAT IS MY ISSUE, YOU GUYS.

Anyway: Between Today And The Last Time, Bo/Lauren, NC-17. Bo and Lauren work out their drama, and also have sex.

I kind of want to do a series of posts where I pimp people into that show, but really. . .I don't like that much about Lost Girl. I just like Lauren. And the fact that it's super Canadian. And, I mean, Bo and Kenzi are alright, IDK.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies is hosting an Epic Seeker Rewatch. It's AWESOME, and so much fun - we're doing two episodes per weekend, and started with the pilot last week. It's filling me with such nostalgia for that stupid goofy show, you guys have no idea. I miss Cara and Kahlan and how much that show made my heart hurt.
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HI LADIES AND GENTS. Some more responses re: fandoms and things I love from that meme I posted over the weekend.

For recall purposes, the meme went like this:
Name a fandom that I am familiar with and I will tell you:

My favourite pairing
Something I love about them, in either words or pictures.

4. Fringe

in which, unsurprisingly, i choose lesbians. )

5. Castle

some kind of pun on the word heat )

6. Firefly

spoiler alert: it involves girls )

7. How I Met Your Mother

wait for it - )


In other news, Spartacus is crass and I don't really like it but I feel like I should mention to the internet that Jaime Murray is awfully, awfully naked in this week's episode. I. . .can't say the nudity is worth watching the show, in my opinion, but other's feelings may differ.

ALSO ALSO: guys, what happened to my ability to write short stories. I started this cute little ficlet for the porn battle and now it's 4K and has a plot and feelings. THE FUCK.
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You guys, Merry Christmas. I hope whatever you're doing today, you're having a blast doing it, and that you're enjoying the statutory holiday.


Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] yuletide also happens today, and even though I'm a monster who defaulted, I got an AMAZING story written for me.

Give Us Those Nice Bright Colours, Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G. Wells
Breaking the law itches like cheap hotel sheets. In Sioux Falls, Myka gives herself a twenty-four hour period to commit to the decision.

"There have to be rules," she says to herself. She speaks out loud; Pete's voice is a stinging absence in the otherwise silent room. She has stolen an Artifact from the Warehouse; now she must keep herself apart from the likes of MacPherson and – yes, let's say her name, now – Helena. If she is very clear about her purpose, she will be able to do this right.

She picks up the hotel pen and writes a list of directives on the stationery: I will remain a good person, she writes; I will trust myself to make the right decisions. It doesn't convince her. Surely they've all written these lists; the people who stole from the Warehouse, the people in Warehouse prisons, the people who have been bronzed. Helena.

Of all the Artifacts to silently judge you from across the room, a View-Master is certainly one of the more ridiculous.

This is fabulously-written Myka/H.G., set after the end of season 2, and it's not the take [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ and I have (which is now canon in my heart) but it's FANTASTIC, and Myka is pitch-perfect. All of the kissing - and there's totally kissing - is bittersweet, as it should be, and basically this is everything I could have hoped for in a gift story plus a little bit extra. I'm so grateful to my mystery writer for making this for me. And also that there is good Warehouse 13 fic being written - honestly, for those of you not fully immersed in the hokey, awkwardly written sci-fi-geekery-with-a-heart-of-gold that is this show, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.
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A meme, borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] leiascully:

If you had to pick one fic of mine that is the one you identify with me, what would it be?

(All my fic is at [livejournal.com profile] scurvyknavery, and tagged by fandom and pairing.)

I realized today that even though I've been writing a lot since September, mostly the Depressing But Totally Awesome Warehouse 13 Epic I'm cowriting with [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ I haven't actually posted anything since you can order eggs and toast on Sept 19. TRAGIC, etc. I find being an adult more time consuming than I expected.
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(No, seriously. It's a multi-fandom femslash holiday exchange featuring women in law enforcement, and I'm running it, and I think it'll be a lot of fun. Also, if nobody signs up I will cry.)

On a related note, does anyone know where I can get Lip Service gifs? I need to illustrate to my entire flist how amazing Sam is, and it is best explained with video rather than pictures.


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