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Guys, we need to have a serious conversation about some Gossip Girl set photos that have come out recently.

item one )

item two )

While we're discussing Blake Lively, we of course also need to have a serious conversation about her Marie Claire shoot. For which I may be considering buying the magazine, because it is ridiculous and amazing and features glamour shots of her with her dog. This is legit even better than the time Vanessa Hudgens did a photo shoot with a handful of kittens.

item three )

I really enjoy that these pictures are both gorgeous, and vaguely vintage-y in a way that makes me think of Spy Blake and Spy Leighton.
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I was going to do this big spam post of all the pictures from Tumblr that I've saved in tabs to discuss on LJ, and then I realize that pretty much all of them can be summarized as "tall, super hot blonde ladies with animals."

. . .look, I never said I was subtle.

in conclusion, super hot blonde ladies with animals. )

I don't know, guys, that's all I've got. Discuss, etc.
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Or whatever. Pretty Celeb Party.

But let us at least take a bit of time to discuss Anna Torv's use of formal shorts, and/or the ways in which that top makes her look a little like a slutty cougar librarian. ("Slutty cougar librarian" is, in fact, a compliment.) Let us not discuss how mad I am about her bangs in this photo, because ugh as if I did not dislike Alt!Olivia enough, SHE IS ALSO RUINING ANNA TORV'S HAIR.

+2 more under the cut )

Let's ALSO discuss how cute Leighton is, and how Blake had better watch out, because Selena is clearly in the running for Jailbait Girlfriend Stealer Of The Year, and Leighton looks like she's into it.

too big, so under the cut. )

ANYWAY. BRB, playing all the video games. I have finally hit the point in DA:O where I may get to SLAY AN ACTUAL DRAGON. Or maybe I'll just go through a giant dungeon for three hours to get like, a vase, and then discover that my reward is MORE QUESTS.
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For some reason, this picture (via Comically Vintage, aka my new favourite Tumblr) made me laugh lots and lots and lots. I can't explain why it's so funny, BUT IT IS AND I LOVE IT. It's even funnier than the series they ran featuring an issue of Superman about someplace named Gay City!

whatever )

To be honest, other than that (and like, ~real life~) I have not been doing anything terribly exciting. Mostly - when I am not like, agonizing over basic video game choices in Dragon Age: Origins - I have been trying to chip away at my ridiculous Blake/Olivia, because a) the 'canon' [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ and I have been inventing around it is hilarious and awesome, and b) I don't think I'll be able to work on my [livejournal.com profile] femslash10 properly until I get this done. Sigh.

In related news, this Fringe vid that [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl made is fantastic. It's supposed to be a "recruiter" vid, and basically it demonstrates that FRINGE HAS A LOT OF EXPLOSIONS. And science. Etc. Also Anna Torv. And some guy who used to be on some show about a river, I guess people like him.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 07:06 pm
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spoiler for legend of the seeker 2.16 )

Right? Right?
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Reasons Why This Picture Makes Me Happier Than Tiny Baby Kittens:

1. Blake Lively.
2. ♥ Blake Lively ♥

BRB, staring forever.


Jun. 9th, 2009 01:43 pm
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Oh wow, you guys. Emma Watson grew up, didn't she? I still remember seeing her in the first Harry Potter, thinking she was going to be super pretty when she was older, and like. Wow, she so is. (These are for her Burberry campaign. Plz excuse the hideous JJ watermarks.)

more/bigger )

I wish I knew how to make wallpapers. I sort of want to just stare at these for a while.
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Hahaha. So a bunch of people at [livejournal.com profile] oldmarrieds posted a whole bunch of Z/V related pictures yesterday, but I missed the boat, which is TRAGIC because I have this epic moderately-sized collection of .jpegs in which Zac is basically just being a total dude and I want to punch him in the arm and tell him he's gross. THEREFORE.

Times Zac Efron Perved On His Hot Girlfriend In Public: A Love Story

Hint: If the perving is not obvious from his eyeline, look for his hands. I left out the tits in the sunglasses pic on purpose, because IDK. I feel like it's getting too much airtime. HE PERVS ON HER LOTS OF OTHER TIMES, TOO.

i like that dress. it really brings out your boobs. )

And because I could not resist SERIOUSLY GUYS THEY ARE ADORABLE:


. . .yeah. That's all I've got, but if you guys have ~more somewhere that I didn't put up here, IDK feel free to link me to them in the comments. This is not exactly an exhaustive picspam, I'm sure.


May. 18th, 2009 10:21 pm
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Remember how, this one time, Zac and Vanessa and Ashley did the THREESOMIEST 1950s-THEMED PHOTOSHOOT EVER for Elle, and the entire thing was oozing with sex appeal and sheer genetic giftedness and also Ashley's dog was there and the universe was pleased? There are MORE OUTTAKES, and they just leaked today, and LIKE. FOR SERIOUS.

(I apologize if you guys are like me and actually follow Disney comms, because these are 100% already all over your flist. JUST SUFFER THROUGH, I GUESS IDK.)


Also, HEY FRIENDS, if someone wanted to post these pictures to [livejournal.com profile] ashnessa_squee, I would really really appreciate it. I can't get to it tonight, but I think the super gay V/A ones belong up there.
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Today's project may/may not be "see if I can move some wires so that I can be on the internet AND lie on the couch." How did I get THIS LAZY in just four days?

Also, I would really really like it if someone could help me pirate a copy of Karl Wolf's "song" Africa. It is a HIP-HOP REMIX OF THE TOTO SONG, which is hilarious and ridiculous and awesome, but I don't really want to encourage him by paying for it.

HEY IN OTHER NEWS I DID THAT ICON MEME? IDK. This is pretty much as interesting as I get today.

∗ How do you feel right now?

more behind the cut )

. . .yeah. *shrug* What's up with YOU, internet?
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You know what? I'm just going to say it.


Also, the picture below the cut is hands-down, inarguably the greatest picture of him EVER, because a) he is dressed in a suit like a big kid, b) he has not washed his hair in a month, c) hands jammed in his pockets, d) guys awkwardly putting their hair behind their ears is never not darling.

*Except not in a straight way, ew.
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I feel like everything I want to say about the Oscars (or rather, what Zac and Vanessa did at the Oscars, because I long ago made the active choice to entirely ignore the awards part in favour of paying attention to things that don't make me angry) I have already said, repeatedly, in all-caps, at various posts in [livejournal.com profile] oldmarrieds. But basically, they boil down to a combination of VHUDG: GODDAMN BE HOTTER and OMG THEIR FAACES GUYS THEY ARE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER OMG and ZACHARY. DID YOU ACTUALLY JUST TELL E NEWS THAT SOMETHING WOULD BE "PRETTY RAD?" ILUUUU.

In conclusion, this picture. )

They are ridiculously pretty. (And also I do not even think Zef understands where V's waist is, since he's physically incapable of not patting her butt in public. But that is sort of the best part.)

Does anyone here listen to The Spill Canvas? I can afford to iTunes one of their albums, and I'm waffling between One Fell Swoop and No Really, I'm Fine. Advice and/or links would be appreciated.
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Oh my GOD. So, a whole bunch of new behind-the-scenes HSM3 scans leaked onto the internet today, which is AWESOME and EXCITING, and OMGOMG there are a bunch that are super Zanessa Tisdale-y, and I felt the need to share.

In other words: PICSPAM! :D :D

part one: i have a thing for VHudg in little-to-no makeup )


And, just because it's adorable:

Also, on a totally unrelated note: this song feels, to me, like a love ballad between Blake Lively and her purse dog. I am hoping I am not the only one.

Hanson - Penny & Me
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It's the first day of school for me today, which - I'm actually excited about, since I've decided the theme for 2009 is going to be "fuck it" (in a "being mellow" sense, not a "drop out of school" sense, don't worry). And I know it's also the first day back at work for a lot of people, and everybody's cranky and sleepy and blah blah do not wantttt, so. To that end?

It's cool, guys. French Maid Gabriella has a BSc from Stanford and she's waiting on Sharpay. She hates her job, too.

And finally, the picture that is apparently a few months old but that I just discovered like two days ago and is making me go :D :D :D :D like all the time?

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