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IDK if you guys have noticed, but LJ changed its comment pages and folks have some opinions on the matter. in which I am belgium. )


1. Posted my Yuletide! After having to default last year, this feels SUPER AWESOME, and I am really excited about what I wrote.


At the very least, go leave some prompts, goddamn.

3. Oh god, time off is the best. Planning to play tons more Skyrim and write a lot of really embarrassing fic about Bo and Lauren making cookies and having winter hat fetishes and calling each other pretty.
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1. I went to see the Muppets tonight, and it gave me a pretty significant case of Feelings. I do not quite know how to properly articulate why I loved it quite as much as I did, because when I try it sort of comes out as FOZZIE BEAR. GUYS THEY HAD FOZZIE BEAR AND THERE WAS SINGING AND DANCING.

But all of you should probably go see it. Unless you hate feelings or friendship or Muppets, I guess?

2. Speaking of other things that are pretty great: Yuletide assignments! I have mine! It is for [[fandom redacted]], and I am really excited to watch [[source material]] so that I can write fanfiction!

3. Uh, I don't know. I have been playing a lot of Skyrim. It is sort of addictive. lol idk content spoilers? )

I also cannot stop laughing at those cat people, they look so fluffy yet also frightening and ridiculous. I sort of wish I'd rolled one.

Anyway. How are you, Livejournal? I hope things are going well. TELL ME YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES.
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Hey guys, apologies for the fact that this LJ has become 90% ALL LOST GIRL POSTS ALL THE TIME. If you start watching that show, those will seem less irritating, I bet. :D?

In other news:

1) [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ has lured me back onto WoW, with promises of shiny trinkets and self-esteem once I level to 85. IDK if I believe her, but I have been told I have to finish slogging through Outland before I can really pass judgment on the above-60 content.

2) Fringe this week gave me an absurd amount of feelings. briefly, under the cut. spoilers/possible trigger warning )

3) In less depressing news, HOLY FUCK BECKETT'S HAIR in this week's Castle. And I mean, also everything else she did, and the plot of the episode. But mostly I sat there going "God, she's so pretty," while GF made fun of me. This is kind of a theme for me, when I watch Castle.

4) Don't forget: there is more Seeker Rewatch happening at [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies this weekend. I want someone to do some sort of tally of the number of times Kahlan and Richard hook up without it "counting," because SERIOUSLY. Possibly with video.

Possibly that person will have to be me, WHATEVER.
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People are talking about [livejournal.com profile] yuletide and Yuletide Madness and reposting their letters for treats, and I feel like I should do the same, except that I 100% defaulted on Yuletide this year for the first time ever. Before the deadline, so I am at least able to participate next year if I find the time, but I still feel a little silly having a story written for me, when my recipient will have to wait for a pinch-hit. Alas, RL > fanfiction, etc. In other words, no Yuletide Madness presents for me. However, if you want to write me stories just for, IDK, existing, I think it has become pretty clear what my likes and dislikes are. WRITE AWAY, BENEVOLENT INTERNET STRANGERS.

All of that being said, since break started on Sunday I've been having the BEST TIME wasting my life on WoW (this is a Christmas tradition - I reactivate my account for Winter Veil, then get too busy and drop playing it after January) and writing my [livejournal.com profile] girlsgunsfic story, which is such great fun and also SUPER LONG. However, as [livejournal.com profile] girlsgunsfic is my ridiculous ficathon, PROBABLY I can't default on it.

Anyway, flist: it is Christmas Eve Eve. I assume many of you are off doing things with your friends and loved ones, and I will be doing a bit of that, myself. But for those of you who are on the internet right now, feel free to say hi in the comments. I think it's a good night for a gif party.

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pirates vs. ninjas vs. zombies vs. pandas )

This is a phone game. That actually exists. I cannot even, how did the world become this wonderful.

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Or whatever. Pretty Celeb Party.

But let us at least take a bit of time to discuss Anna Torv's use of formal shorts, and/or the ways in which that top makes her look a little like a slutty cougar librarian. ("Slutty cougar librarian" is, in fact, a compliment.) Let us not discuss how mad I am about her bangs in this photo, because ugh as if I did not dislike Alt!Olivia enough, SHE IS ALSO RUINING ANNA TORV'S HAIR.

+2 more under the cut )

Let's ALSO discuss how cute Leighton is, and how Blake had better watch out, because Selena is clearly in the running for Jailbait Girlfriend Stealer Of The Year, and Leighton looks like she's into it.

too big, so under the cut. )

ANYWAY. BRB, playing all the video games. I have finally hit the point in DA:O where I may get to SLAY AN ACTUAL DRAGON. Or maybe I'll just go through a giant dungeon for three hours to get like, a vase, and then discover that my reward is MORE QUESTS.
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God, this week is not long enough. I thought I had four days to organize my life, but it feels more like two. It's summer, isn't that time when you're not supposed to have any responsibilities and you can sit around in your pyjamas playing video games until noon? I feel as though I have been lied to.

Anyway. A few things, briefly:

+ I am really really enjoying playing Dragon Age: Origins, and would like to maybe beat it? However oh my GOD, the hours upon hours of listening to voice acting. It feels like an eternity every time I have to pump someone for information, which is MOST OF THE GAME, and UGH I JUST WANT TO KILL DEMON BEARS ETC. I also want to figure out if I can make my (female) character hook up with the sullen swamp witch.

+ Olivia Dunham Olivia Dunham Olivia Dunham. Like, just in case you guys forgot that she's my new TV girlfriend.

+ Unrelatedly, I was thinking that there should probably be, like. An actual femslash comm for Fringe. Maybe.

[Poll #1598984]

Sigh. I need to pack. And probably start my [livejournal.com profile] femslash10. Also the cat is positive that I'm neglecting her.
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Dear Ed Westwick:

Please dress yourself, every day. You look like a kindly old grandpa at a cabin in the woods, yet also a date-rapist, and also like you are in the process of wiping your hands on your crotch. I do not get it.

oh lol )

Love, sort of,
[livejournal.com profile] pirateygoodness

In other news, I went to HMV today and bought Scribblenauts and a copy of the Hannah Montana movie (but not, alas, the Zac Efron calendar: I have shame/I forgot to look/it's going on my Christmas list). And basically, Scribblenauts is the greatest game in THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE (you ask the game for objects to solve ridiculously simple puzzles like "get the cat down from the top of the house." The fun is in the fact that the developers have thought of literally everything ever - seriously, TRACTOR BEAM and OASIS have both worked so far - and you get extra points for style and creativity.) so I will be playing that for at least the forseeable evening.
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Here are some thoughts I have had today.

1. Unffff, Leighton Meester's VOICE. It makes me think of bad lighting and hips. I speak, of course, of the Cobra Starship collaboration that everyone is freaking out about, ALTHOUGH ALSO JUST IN GENERAL. I swear to god, that girl could sing the phone book and I'd pay money to listen.

2. I was going to mention, again, how Ashley Tisdale's twitter makes me happy. But then [livejournal.com profile] girlboymusic started making fun of me, so NEVERMIND GUYS, SORRY YOU MISSED OUT.

3. I saw Wolverine yesterday, and basically: this is not a spoiler. ) THEREFORE, this movie will win ALL OF THE OSCARS. Except possibly the ones that go to Transformers 2, because that movie has the potential of having a HELICOPTER punch ANOTHER HELICOPTER in the face.*

4. The Scrubs finale made me tear up a little, OF COURSE. It was not as emotional for me as the one where Dr. Kelso retired or the one where Laverne died, but it was pretty close. Guys, I have so many deep and complicated feelings about that show. I have watched it for so long, and it's so comforting and sweet and one of those shows where I can just pick a DVD and find something that I forgot I loved as much as I do. Also, I want to be JD when I grow up.

In other news: my dwarf warrior in WoW is at level 40. This is exciting, if you are me, but oh my god I am sick of Stranglethorn Vale. (That is the name of the level I am working on.) Whoever designed that map should be forced to PLAY IT UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

*(Also: please note, comics fans, that I did not at any point comment on the validity of a story about Wolverine's sibling issues as an art form. THAT IS HOW YOU DISCUSS SOMEONE ELSE'S FANNISH LOVE RESPECTFULLY. You may want to take notes, in case you are ever, IDK, watching HSM or Hannah Montana or anything with Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens OR WHATEVER and feel the need to share your thoughts and impressions.)
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I do not even have the right words to articulate how happy this makes me. But you guys, you guys, he is such a dork. He and Peter Parker are on a first-name basis, and he plays video games and has EXTENSIVE THOUGHTS ON DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, and good goddamn. Best ever.

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So, Watchmen. I. . .still have no idea.

spoilercutting for a movie based on a book that's been in print longer than 10 years. BECAUSE I CARE. )

And this may be my point. I don't know if the Watchmen movie was good or bad, because I am still trying to decide whether or not I even respect the story that Moore is trying to tell, and I suspect the answer is "no, I totally don't."
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Guys, I am a little way through Watchmen (just at Chapter IV, please don't tell me what happens), and between reading that and V for Vendetta and seeing the film adaptation of Sin City, I have got to say. I am getting a little uncomfortable with Alan Moore's absolute fascination with rape, lesbians, and the way that he explicity denotes overt female sexuality as a barometer for general moral turpitude. (And the fact that he repeatedly and explicitly defines things in terms of "ethics" and "morality" as if those terms have clear, obvious definitions.)

It's not the fact that those are themes in his novels per se, it's that - like, I get this uncomfortable feeling that even though he is all "Yeah, rape is. . .bad. I fucking hate rapists. Also, only people mired in the moral cesspool of [insert city here] are into kinky shit in bed," the idea kind of - is somehow pleasing to him?

Possibly it is reading too much authorial intent into an effing graphic novel, but I don't know. Every time it comes up, I get this weird aroused self-loathing vibe from the prose that kind of skeeves me out. Anyone else?


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