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Ahh, yes. It's that awkward time of year between regular TV's season finales, and the beginning of summer TV. That time where usually I write tons of post-finale fic. Unfortunately, this year I have very little to say - while I have been watching television and really enjoying it especially things relevant to Kate Beckett and Britta Perry and Olivia Dunham and Crazy Eyes Eva Green and Myka Bering and HG Wells and Hot Doctor Lauren, I don't have as much writing time in me as I have in the past. This sucks, but a fact of my life right now.

SOMEDAY THOUGH. The Warehouse 13 epic is still on the table, [profile] thrace_ and I are getting there.

Things I'm currently smitten with:

1) This music video, for the new Simple Plan single.

THIS IS NOT THE JANK ENGLISH VERSION WITH NATASHA BEDINGFIELD OKAY. This is the ~Canadian content~ version, featuring a Quebecois lady singer, and it combines all of my very favourites: petulant self-indulgent pop punk, duets with male and female voices, and FRENCH WOMEN. I find it a vast improvement on the English-only version, and think you all will like it very much, unless you happen to have awful taste.

2) This post from How to Be A Retronaut, featuring Lesbian Pulp Fiction Covers.

These covers are AMAZING. I am vaguely charmed-in-a-horrified-way by the historical depiction of lesbians as sexual predators/deviants, and these are perfect examples of that for me. The art is gorgeous and sexy, but the subtitles are all BE APPALLED AS GIRLS HAVE RELATIONS. History, I don't know what to do with you sometimes. (As an aside: would these not be a totally awesome fic meme? If there was a way to use the covers as prompts to write sex-positive, queer-positive stories about chicks doing it? Someone should get on that, no?)

3) I can't believe myself, but Naked Heat.

GF bought it for me for my birthday, and I was all LOLOL A CASTLE NOVEL YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE but it's actually hilarious and absorbing, in a meta sort of way. It reads like fanfiction where the writer is pretending to be Castle writing fanfiction about his life, so there are kind of layers upon layers there, and then lots of references to Firefly and RL details about the actors. It's one of those works that provides escalating rewards to escalating levels of obsessive fannishness, basically, and I don't know that I'm getting everything I could out of it, but it's a fun read.

It's also an extra episode of Castle, pretty much, and something to read during downtime at work. Plus, LOL THE SEX SCENES ARE SO BAD, I get embarrassed just skimming them, WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO INCLUDE THOSE. There's this almost palpable uncomfortableness to them, where they're supposed to be ~salacious to fit the TV show but vague enough that the series isn't publishing arms-length porn about itself, and just - nothing works. It's hilarious.

Anyway. I feel like LJ doesn't talk with me very much anymore, and this is a shame. Tumblr is alright, but wordlessly reblogging pictures of pretty people is kind of the saddest thing in the world, no? How about this: POST A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVOURITE SEXY TV PERSON IN THE COMMENTS. WE CAN USE IT AS A CONVERSATION-STARTER.
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(Backtracking for those of you not on my flist in 2006/2007: Avril Lavigne is my favourite popstar in the universe, hands-down. I know, blah blah she doesn't write her own songs, blah blah she's bratty, blah blah she's too old to be rebellious - just stop now, you're hitting on all her selling points. I will fangirl her up-tempo songs until the end of time.)

ANYWAY, CANADA'S GIFT TO MUSIC AND THE WORLD, AVRIL LAVIGNE, HAS A NEW SINGLE. It is called "What the Hell." It is, basically, a single that says: "Screw you, Deryck Whibley. I'm single, and I can do what I want, and also who spells Deryck with a "y" anyway. BEING MARRIED TO YOU WAS LAME, PS: I'M A POPSTAR AND WHAT HAS SUM 41 PRODUCED LATELY."

In short, I love it. I have been listening to it on a loop pretty much all day.


You're welcome.
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So, a lot of things happened in the last couple of days on the internet. THINGS WITH CELEBRITIES THAT I THINK ARE SWELL.

First of all, let us discuss how adorable and awesome and cute and badass Demi's vid to "Remember December" is. Because SERIOUSLY, she is such a sweetheart and I love how BB ROCKSTAR and REBELLIOUS she is. It just makes me want to pinch her cheeks. Like, I am not saying this is the kind of music video that's going to be High Art? But it is exactly the kind of video I would have made, were I a jilted seventeen-year-old popstar trying to rescue Princess Selena from the clutches of the evil dragon, and I love it for exactly that and nothing more.

video! )

Also, Demi did this really adorable Got Milk ad, in which she crowdsurfs and teaches people about healthy teeth and bones and it's really adorable? You can find pictures from that here and here and here.

ALSO, ON A TOTALLY NOT TEENAGE AND COMPLETELY PERVY NOTE, LET US SIT DOWN FOR A MOMENT AND DISCUSS LEIGHTON'S GQ SHOOT. Which, sorry, is not SLUTTY, it's just UNF. (via [livejournal.com profile] blairwaldorfs, duh.)

see? )

I bet that is what you see when you die and go to heaven, okay? Or possibly if you're Blake Lively and someone wants to play puppy again. That's all I'm saying.
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Aping Anna's posting style, a la [livejournal.com profile] zef_daily, but whatever, it is REALLY IMPORTANT and just this once. PLZ DO NOT BE CROSS WITH ME.

Weezer - Pink Triangle

. . .pretty much, this is all I've got. PLEASE TELL ME I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS, LJ.
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You guyssssss Paramore covered Use Somebody, and it is WONDROUS. It just makes me want to stop whatever I'm doing and listen, every time.


Jun. 19th, 2009 11:14 am
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My host is at work, so I'm killing time on his wireless, and motherfucker do I love the weird shit that exists on YouTube. CASE IN POINT:

A) this video will change your life FOREVER, and B) MY GOD, NEW THEME FOR THE BLAKE/LEIGHTON SPY AU FIC, Y/Y/MFY?
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Oh man am I tired. As I was saying to a friend of mine on FB: I hate this week so much I'm worried I might get confused and start to fall in love with it.

However: OMG DANCE PARTY, Selena's single with FTSK just came out and IDK, WHATEVER HATERS, I LOVE IT A LOT.

youtube embed below the cut )

. . .that's all I've got. I really want to write stuff and be creative, but I just don't have the neurons this week.
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[Poll #1374192]

Also: GUYS GUYS THE NEW DEATH CAB EP LEAKED, and because BASICALLY I AM THE QUEER CHICK VERSION OF SETH COHEN CIRCA S2-ish, I am absolutely GIDDY. "I Was Once A Loyal Lover" is AMAZING. Ugh, I just want to lie on my bed and listen to it on repeat for like six hours.
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Today's project may/may not be "see if I can move some wires so that I can be on the internet AND lie on the couch." How did I get THIS LAZY in just four days?

Also, I would really really like it if someone could help me pirate a copy of Karl Wolf's "song" Africa. It is a HIP-HOP REMIX OF THE TOTO SONG, which is hilarious and ridiculous and awesome, but I don't really want to encourage him by paying for it.

HEY IN OTHER NEWS I DID THAT ICON MEME? IDK. This is pretty much as interesting as I get today.

∗ How do you feel right now?

more behind the cut )

. . .yeah. *shrug* What's up with YOU, internet?
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Things I Am Embarrassed About Totally Fucking Loving: This Weekend Edition

1. This picture of Zac Efron from 17 Again. here. )
I have NO IDEA, it just makes me giggle. I love when he makes his "Holy fuck, am I not the charmingest dancer to dance your way, ever?" face.

2. Google Translator English --> Russian. I do not understand WHY comment threads are funnier when they are poorly translated into Russian by a computer? But they ARE.

3. Hoedown Throw Down has finally grown on me. I have this thing with songs in the "Disney's kept poptartlets" family where I listen once, think "OMFG who thought this was a good idea," and then. . .slowly, the second or third time I hear it, I start to want to listen over and over. *sigh* I am totally going to have to pay money to see the Hannah Montana movie in theatres, aren't I?
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Oh my GOD. So, a whole bunch of new behind-the-scenes HSM3 scans leaked onto the internet today, which is AWESOME and EXCITING, and OMGOMG there are a bunch that are super Zanessa Tisdale-y, and I felt the need to share.

In other words: PICSPAM! :D :D

part one: i have a thing for VHudg in little-to-no makeup )


And, just because it's adorable:

Also, on a totally unrelated note: this song feels, to me, like a love ballad between Blake Lively and her purse dog. I am hoping I am not the only one.

Hanson - Penny & Me
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Oh my god, The L Word. I have nothing to say except that this show is a RIDICULOUS CLUSTERFUCK of SELF-INDULGENT HOMOS and it gives me many, many LOLs. Especially with Helena. Because she is my favourite, and learned how to be a bouncer despite weighing 90 pounds soaking wet, because of how she did TIME in the JOINT.

Also, I hate Jenny's stupid face and her stupid hair and her stupid everything, and the weird art-school extreme-close-up camera thing they're going with this season is not helping. At all.

I have listened to Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" 33 times since last night. On the one hand, I hate myself. On the other, DANCE PARTY.

VHudg and Tizz are, like, almost too gay to function.

animated .gif below the cut. )

This is exactly the way I like them.


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