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1. [profile] ladies_fest is taking prompts! If you were, IDK, interested in ladies or fanfiction, flist. Hypothetically.

2. Also [profile] seeker_kink is happening, if any of you are interested in reading or writing porn about the most powerful magic of all - the kind that happens in Kahlan's skirts.

3. Still can't discuss the True Blood finale, except that I was simultaneously ecstatic and DEVASTATED regarding various developments in that episode. Sweet fancy Moses, Alan Ball. Also, I will totally watch next season, even if it is approaching L Word Season 5 levels of drama.

4. So, I wasn't super stoked for Season 4 of Fringe, after the end of S3. For various reasons, the writers' agenda and my agenda for Olivia Dunham were not meshing, and I was growing a bit disinterested.

But then [profile] thrace_ posted this photo on Tumblr, and good grief, my loins.

spoiler for HOTNESS. ) I approve.

5. Still very much enjoying Lost Girl. Still pretty sure that everyone I know should watch it. It's possible that [personal profile] deej and I have made an agreement that means I'm writing long, plotty, self-indulgent fic featuring Hot Doctor Lauren remaining hot.

6. I would also really really like the universe to produce more Lost Girl/LotS crossovers, if that's possible. I feel like those shows are both ridiculous enough that it would totally be plausible, and also HILARIOUS. As [profile] fivewhatfive pointed out recently, Bo and Richard are basically the same person, and also BO AND CARA. They would get so competitive! Kahlan would make adorable, scandalized faces! They could all swap tips on how they maintain their fabulous hair/impressive cleavage! And let us not even DISCUSS how amazing Kenzi in the Midlands would be, omg.
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Let's talk about fandom, you guys. It's been a while.

1) Awesome things are happening, fandom-wise? My [community profile] femslash11 assignment is going to be super fun, and [community profile] femslash_today is having a holiday weekend porn battle. You should all go write some stories! I am currently choosing to spend my time writing fanfiction about Lauren and Bo and some strippers, which - if anyone wants to beta that or talk it out with me, please let me know?

2) No, seriously. I need a Lost Girl beta. Volunteers would be awesome.

3) Can we please discuss the new season of True Blood? Namely, some spoilers for 4.01 and 4.02? ) I forgot how awesomely over-the-top this show is.

4) Warehouse 13 starts July 11! That's like, really soon! Remember how pretty all of those people are? And how this show is ridiculous but adorable, and also how Myka is going to look like this in the season premiere and I WILL BE OVER HERE IN MY CORNER QUIETLY DYING AT HOW HOT SHE IS?

not-really-spoilery promo for 3.01 )
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Goodness gracious. I am eating the best sandwich ever right now - I went into this tiny, shitty deli by accident, hoping it was a butcher shop, and the guy was so nice that I felt guilty leaving, even though I really didn't want a sandwich. But I got one? And it is delicious? And even though that place is 40 minutes away from my place on foot I'm seriously considering visiting it more often? SALAMI, YOU REMAIN MY ACHILLES HEEL.

TV I have watched this week includes the season premieres of How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Bones, as well as the latest episode of Gossip Girl (WHICH, SUCK IT INTERNET: SERENA IS STILL THE BEST EVER). Oh, and also the finale of True Blood, FINALLY. One of these days, I just might sit down and explain why Vampire Bill's nuanced fearsomeness/comic impotence makes him my favourite of all the vampires like, in history*. Also: silly accents. Also, Anna Paquin remains hot.

OH, ALSO, JUST SAYING, [livejournal.com profile] echofades put together the BEST MEGAN FOX PICSPAM EVER, it's here. PEOPLE ON MY FLIST (who may or may not include [livejournal.com profile] maddie508) WHO THINK MEGAN FOX IS NOT COMPLETELY HANDS-DOWN AWESOME: THAT IS YOUR HOMEWORK.

*Probably I won't ever actually do this, because my reward for articulating serious thoughts on TV is, inevitably, "arguing with strangers on the internet," and that is never fun. BUT I COULD, OKAY.
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I got around to watching the latest episode of True Blood! Really, all I have to say about the episode (aside from my usual thoughts on Jessica and Hoyt and Sookie and Jason and Lafayette and Sam, which are unconditional !!!!!!) can be summed up in your immediate reaction to the following quote:

very unpopular opinions about vampahhrs in 2.08. )

. . .possibly my problem is that I do not take this show as seriously as perhaps I should.
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So, yeah. True Blood.

I honestly have no excuse for not watching this the day of except "IDK, lazy," but still. I WATCHED IT, OKAY? THAT IS WHAT COUNTS.

true blood 2.08: spoilers! )

I've totally lost track of everyone who watches the show on my flist, but - what did you guys think?
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Reactions to True Blood 2.06 and 2.07 (the two most recent episodes), because I finally sat down and got myself caught up.

spoiluhhhhrs )

In conclusion: seriously, vampire speakeasy. Think about it.


Aug. 4th, 2009 05:20 pm
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LOLL so I'm reading Dead Until Dark, the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and it is GLORIOUSLY TRASHY and also contains gems like this:
I lifted my hear and turned, and our lips met. It was blue fire, not orange-and-red flames, not that kind of heat: blue fire. After a second, his arms went around me. After another, my arms went around him. I began to feel boneless, limp. With a gasp, I pulled away.

"Oh, we can't, Bill."

I heard his breath draw in. "Of course not, if we're separating," he said quietly, but he didn't sound like he thought I meant it. "We should definitely not be kissing. Still less should I want to throw you back on the porch and fuck you till you faint."

and fuck you till you faint, guys. I cannot even. VAMPAHHR BEEYUL, YOU ROGUISH KNAVE. ♥_♥

Oh my god, you know what else we have to discuss? WAYS IN WHICH I FIND BLAKE LIVELY ATTRACTIVE. I realize this is part 340140 in a near-infinite series, but WHATEVER GUYS, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. Anyway: these pictures came out yesterday, and asdflkjl;djf;ls her HANDS. (I am a little in love with them, alright? Be nice to me.)

whatever, she's super hot. )

ANYWAY YES, PRETTY GIRLS. There is a post about Vanessa coming, because she is doing ALL OF THIS PROMO which I have yet to sit down and watch, but !!!!!! to that, too.
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So, whatever. Ashley Tisdale is secretly sometimes super hot, discuss:

here! )

Also, I - had no idea for the longest time that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were even dating, because they are both delightfully low-profile people/I am not really ~in~ True Blood fandom the way I am a fan of other shows like Gossip Girl, but still. You cannot deny that this is the most delightfully cute thing ever:

two more )

Also, having watched (some of) the ComicCon coverage, wow are they sweet and domesticated. I had no idea/am a little charmed.
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Switching gears entirely from G-rated teen babydykes princesses to what is possibly the single filthiest show on television: True Blood. I know I'm really behind on watching this episode (I cannot mix Disney and HBO, I have to do one and then the other or it is too weird), but still! I have thoughts.

three things about True Blood 2.03 )

Guys, can you all maybe head over to the Ultimate HBIC polldown and maybe vote so that a boy doesn't win? I know, I know, Adam Lambert is a gay guy WHICH BASICALLY MAKES HIM A WOMAN, RIGHT, SO IT'S ACTUALLY REALLY PROGRESSIVE. Except. . .no. I'll be here with an ice pack on my eyes, trying not to get the vapors over how ridiculous that is.
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OH JESUS TRUE BLOOD. Let us take in why it was awesome this week:

true blood 2.02 )

Also, I know "OMG MY CAT DID THIS IT WAS QT" stories are kind of boring, but I need to take a moment to discuss how kitty is being RIDICULOUSLY needy and it's sort of adorable. Last night I got into bed, and the first thing she did was to jump on my chest, all OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? SLEEPING? CAN I WATCH? FROM RIGHT HERE NEXT TO YOUR FACE? I was irritated, but charmed.


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