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1. Without getting into too much detail about RL: NOVEMBER IS STRESSFUL. I do not condone it.

2. Still kind of really, really dismayed at the direction Community has been going in the last two weeks. BRITTA PERRY IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL, SHOW, BUT YOU HAVE TO WRITE GAY CHARACTERS WHO ARE NOT SEXUAL PREDATORS OR WE'RE GOING TO NEED TO BREAK UP.

3. Also continuing to watch Castle, which I am enjoying. I am not 100% on board with what they're doing with Stana Katic's hair this season (I like the buns, but do not approve of this scrunchy, over-curled business when she has it down, GUYS DID SHE REALLY GET A PERM LIKE THE INTERNET KEEPS SAYING?), but I do enjoy her "Oh, Castle" faces, and also all of the feelings she has whenever Castle is in Mortal Peril.

4. Explain to me how big a deal the premiere of Breaking Dawn is going to be. My friend and I want to go and cackle at the awkward normativity and crappy writing/also Kristen Stewart has the best face omg, but the only day we're both available is opening night. Am I going to have to, like, preorder tickets?

5. Predictably: does anyone want to talk Bo/Lauren with me? I am trying to write fic, and I find that this works best when I have someone to bounce things off of, and INEXPLICABLY my usual suspects (cough[profile] fivewhatfivecough) have taken an IRRATIONAL DISLIKE to Dr. Hotpants McInappropriateTouching von Awkward. I JUST WANT TO DISCUSS LAUREN AND HER HAIR. AND HER FEELINGS. AND HER EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF GAY SHIRTS. AND HOW SHE WAS PROBABLY TOPPY AS HELL WHILE SHE WAS DATING NADIA, AND POSSIBLY ALSO TIMES SHE COULD BE TOPPY WITH BO AND POSSIBLY ALSO PORN. IDK.

pew pew pew

Nov. 4th, 2011 07:59 am
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Community last night was. . .about what I expected from a Community episode about gay people. (That is: heavily reliant on stereotypes, queer-woman-phobic and transphobic, not quite offensive enough to be flat-out homophobic as the message was, theoretically, that being homophobic is wrong.) Still smitten with Britta, still deeply amused by any and all Inspector Spacetime jokes from now until forever.

Sigh. Once again, my disgruntled hangover Britta icon is the most appropriate.

In other, less depressing news: holiday ficathons! Because apparently it is now November, and SUDDENLY WE ARE PONDERING THE TIME PERIOD AROUND DECEMBER 25. I am trying to figure out what to do - last year I took on too many stories, and ended up having to default on Yuletide, but I am 90% sure it was the kind of defaulting where I can still participate this year. So I am now torn between Yuletide vs. participating in round two of [profile] girlsgunsfic vs. IDK, really I just want to write something about Bo and Lauren ~unwrapping presents~ and some of those presents are breasts.
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Dear author,

Hello! I am 100% THE MOST STOKED that you are writing one of my requests this year. The femslash series of ficathons are always my favourites, and I trust that whatever you come up with will be 100% completely awesome.

However, if you are like me, you may be interested in more detailed information about the kind of stuff that I like best.

that stuff is here. )

So. There you have it. If you're not the kind of person who likes tons of detail about the things that I enjoy, that's honestly fine. Write the story you think you'll write the best and enjoy writing the most, and I'm sure I'll love it.

Seriously how fun is this going to be,
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1) I wrote fic! If you are intrigued by the idea of Community fic where Annie and Britta make out and possibly there's some light cowgirl roleplaying and BELT BUCKLES, it just might be the story for you.

Hoedown Throwdown (Boom Boom Clap), Community, Annie/Britta, NC-17

2) HEY SPEAKING OF LESBIANS: I haven't talked about Lost Girl in a while! Which is a shame, because a) this happened:

click this. )

Meanwhile, I was struck down with the powerful glowing adorableness of Zoie Palmer. I DON'T CARE IF PEOPLE THINK HOT DOCTOR LAUREN IS BORING, I THINK SHE'S SUPER HOT AND INTERESTING. ALSO GAY. It pleases me.

Also also, SyFy has picked up Lost Girl, apparently? I don't really know how I feel about this, because on the one hand, ~American legitimacy and maybe more than $8 for special effects and stuff, and also 26 whole episodes of ridiculous werewolf love triangles and madcap adventures and KENZI AND LAUREN. On the other, I have concerns that ~American television also means less cleavage and lesbians, unless America manages to cure homophobia as like, a summer side project. Which - could happen? I guess? :D?

I don't know.
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1. I cannot begin to articulate all of the many feelings I have about Castle and the season finale. I mean, clearly spoilers. ) BUT EVEN SO, I CANNOT HANDLE THE SWIRLING TEMPEST OF EMOTIONS HAPPENING INSIDE RIGHT NOW.

spoilers about feelings! )

Guys, we need to discuss this. At length. Urgently.

2. [community profile] thelittlebang is happening! I am not playing this round, as there is 100% no way I can finish a 15,000 word story on a deadline with my current life commitments, but I had a really great experience participating (and wrote My Heart is Plotting Treason, aka the greatest and most ridiculous thing I have ever written). IN CONCLUSION: IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE GOOD.

3. Speaking of season finales, I also have a lot of thoughts on the Community finale. Most of these thoughts are along the lines of, "AL;KJFLS;KDFJKSD BRITTA IN JEANS, BELT BUCKLES, LESBIANS, LEATHER VESTS UNF" and also an elaborate outline for fic where Britta and Annie hook up over summer vacation.

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1) CASTLE. CASTLE CASTLE CASTLE. Mostly I am referring to KATE BECKETT and how pretty she is, god I could die. IT IS WONDERFUL. I want this show to exist forever just so Beckett can have adorably sensible ponytails and wear jeans and t-shirts and be emotionally-vulnerable-yet-fucking-badass.


spoilers )

Also there is Fringe tonight which PS I am TERRIFIED of, WHAT IF IT'S AWESOME/WHAT IF IT SUCKS. My heart may not be able to handle all of these feelings. Also also, um. I kind of started a Community-related Tumblr and I don't know if any of you are interested but hypothetically if you are, it would be here: Greendale Texts From Last Night
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I had a delightful lunch with [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego today, and we spent some time discussing the fact that we never ~talk about TV on LJ anymore, the way we used to. (We have both been using the internet for approx. forever, and recall when you used to turn on the internet with a hand crank and use LJ to post reactions to TV episodes as they aired on cable.)

Anyway. It made me nostalgic, and so: some thoughts on television.

1) IDK if you guys remember when I flipped out over Camelot, AKA the new Starz TV series about King Arthur, if King Arthur was a blonde surfer who inexplicably believed in ~democracy~ and ~governing for the people~ even though this is feudal England. COSTARRING: EVA GREEN AND HER CRAZY EYES AND HER GRATUITOUS CRAZY NUDITY.

The pilot aired a few months ago, but the series is actually ~airing in earnest now, and I just saw episode 2. Which I kind of totally loved, if only for spoilers )

Also, they are really making excellent use of, um. We're going to say "costumes," but it's possible that I actually mean "heaving bosoms."

2) I have pretty much powered through all of Community. Fine, whatever internet, I GET IT. BRITTA PERRY IS A HOTASS. As always when I finish a series with a girl in it, I want there to be fic. Especially the kind of fic where Britta hooks up with Annie and they secretly date for like MONTHS without anyone else knowing, and Britta turns out to be kind of a secret romantic and Annie is kind of a freak in the sack and IDK, every hypothetical f/f scenario I come up with these days ends with buying a kitten together, so maybe that happens as well. Not that I have anything specific in mind, or anything.

I know a bunch of you gave me some Britta/Annie recs a couple weeks ago, but if anyone has more, THIS IS THE PLACE TO LET ME KNOW.

3) Other things I am pondering include: mirroring my journal on DW. I feel weird about mirroring my LJ, because I don't really like the DW interface, and do not know of an easy way to crosspost to DW from LJ. I also find the DW communities shockingly sparse and poorly-read, and don't feel super about that.

Also, mirroring my fic on AO3. Pros: I enjoy it as a way to find fic in fandoms I don't know, vs. begging for recs/wading through comms, and want to support that in a vague sort of way. Cons: god, I find the kudos system irritating, even though I appreciate and respect the accessibility concerns that led to it. Also, having to c/p every single story I've ever written (HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT) by hand.


Mar. 19th, 2011 08:53 pm
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Uh, so. Hypothetically, if I had started watching Community and discovered that TV Britta was super hot, uh. Would any of you be able to link me to fic where Britta is sassy and has sex and possibly is a flaming queermo?

NO SPOILERS in the comments, but feel free to link me to fic that has spoilers, I'll get to it once I'm caught up.


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