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This is mostly a public service announcement. To those of you who have been all, "J! WATCH NIKITA. IT HAS WOMEN AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES, NO SERIOUSLY": you were right. I was wrong.

Basically, I have powered through the first two-thirds of season 1 in like a weekend, and I am 100% hooked. This is like 40% Maggie Q's fabulous legs, and 60% ALEX AND HER ADORING PUPPY EYES WHENEVER NIKITA DOES SOMETHING, because yes yes whatever they are both ostensibly straight, except that NO BOY WILL EVER MATCH THE BEAUTIFUL LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER.

It is wonderful. Also, everything really does explode.

(Also also, I have been enjoying the fact that it allows me to play EVEN MORE Toronto Guest Actor Bingo. Featured so far: that dude who was the Lich on Lost Girl/the mean fashion designer on Warehouse 13, and that dude who was the bounty hunter in the magic-beer-bodyswap ep of Lost Girl.)

Also also also: WAREHOUSE 13 COMES BACK TOMORROW! I am working late that day, and if anyone Tumblrs or LJs or tweets spoilers outside of a cut before Tuesday night, I will physically go to your home and give you a stern talking-to about manners.
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