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TRUE CONFESSIONS TIME: I am secretly ecstatic that these two are back together.


Guys, I really just want them to like, keep being scruffy and drunk and obnoxiously tongue-kissing in public for like, ever. And maybe they could get a couple of really dumb Jack Russell terriers and dress them up in plaid bandannas or whatever and raise them as their tiny hipster children.
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Blake-Lively-Related Things My Flist Has Failed To Inform Me About: A Brief List.

1. That time she carried Penny in her coat like a tiny baby )

2. That time she and Chace Crawford attended a rooftop Russian pool party and unffffffff. also lol. )




In other news, I have spent a sizeable chunk of my day refreshing Tumblr to procrastinate (APPARENTLY THE ENTIRETY OF AMERICA IS DOING SOMETHING INVOLVING SPORTS RIGHT NOW? LAME.) and omg, do I ever want there to be some sort of picspam/lengthy discussion regarding Kahlan's freckles and how much I enjoy them.

Also, apropos of the promo for next week's Legend of the Seeker, a deadly serious poll.

[Poll #1522741]
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This has nothing to do with anything, except that it's [livejournal.com profile] jengrrrl's fault (as most things are). Well, and a little bit because [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ posted that manip of Blake Lively riding a unicorn.

Let's say, hypothetically, that the following Gossip Girl cast members were reincarnated as mythical creatures. What would they be?

ETA: APPARENTLY the answer to Leighton's question is very ~controversial, and I am not saying there is a CORRECT RESPONSE, but.

[Poll #1493013]

Also, oh god. There is this picture, and it involves Jessica Szohr and is a SPOILER FOR FUTURE EPISODES OF GOSSIP GIRL, but cuuuuuuute. I don't even care about the relationship that spoils for, VANESSA APPEARS TO BE SMILING. NOBODY IS STANDING HER UP OR RUINING HER EXPERIENCE AT THE SNOWFLAKE BALL OR BLACKMAILING HER OR BEING CHUCK BASS TO HER. PROGRESS, SHOW.

Also also, apparently Canadian iTunes now has season passes, which is rad because I love the CBC but hate subscribing to cable. GUESS WHO'S WATCHING THE ENTIRE SEASON OF THE MERCER REPORT? THIS LADY.
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I just taught my spell-checker the words "Efron," "Hudgens," and "Tisdale." I. . .yeah. Whatever.

WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE TO DISCUSS GOSSIP PEOPLE WITH ME PLEASE? The latest set pictures to come out have made me SO HAPPY, on several different levels, and I need to discuss them.

First this, mostly because Leighton looks like a quirky art-school teen from a John Hughes film who is totally unimpressed with everyone else existing, and Ed looks like a douchebag. But then, Ed always looks like a douchebag. I think that's just his face. )

ALSO ALSO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, BLAKE AND CHACE WENT FOR ICE CREAM. I realize this is like, them filming something and not god smiling down on me and making scenes from my [livejournal.com profile] thelittlebang happen, but still. ICE CREAM. They are like the world's happiest, prettiest golden retriever puppies together, it's so wonderful.

like seriously )
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Sorry. This is probably funny to exactly seven people, but it is very funny if you're me, and I needed to capslock about it on the internet.

blake and chace finally get that ice cream. )
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Dear Ed Westwick:

Please dress yourself, every day. You look like a kindly old grandpa at a cabin in the woods, yet also a date-rapist, and also like you are in the process of wiping your hands on your crotch. I do not get it.

oh lol )

Love, sort of,
[livejournal.com profile] pirateygoodness

In other news, I went to HMV today and bought Scribblenauts and a copy of the Hannah Montana movie (but not, alas, the Zac Efron calendar: I have shame/I forgot to look/it's going on my Christmas list). And basically, Scribblenauts is the greatest game in THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE (you ask the game for objects to solve ridiculously simple puzzles like "get the cat down from the top of the house." The fun is in the fact that the developers have thought of literally everything ever - seriously, TRACTOR BEAM and OASIS have both worked so far - and you get extra points for style and creativity.) so I will be playing that for at least the forseeable evening.
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So I kind of secretly love Vanessa on Gossip Girl, and by extension Jessica Szohr, but I never remember until [livejournal.com profile] dirty_diana posts an entry and then I'm like, OH SHIT YES, YOU'RE RIGHT, THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME. But by then, she's beaten me to it. So you see my dilemma.

HOWEVER, these videos (which I'm sure are old if you actually follow the GG comms regularly, but I am lazy and fickle) in which Jessica inexplicably interviews other cast members about Gossip Girl S3 are singularly darling. Even the one with Penn, who is pathologically incapable of speaking in sentences shorter than twenty minutes long, bless him. You guys, she even made me like Ed Westwick, for about two minutes, which is nothing short of miraculous - in his interview, he literally cannot make eye contact with her without giggling like a big infatuated tool. It's super sweet. And then, to round things out, she flirts with Leighton.

Anyway. Under the cut. )

Guys, I kind of just love pop culture. I forget how fun it is when new things happen all the time and it's not summer anymore.


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