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I am back from my vacation, which was a delightful adventure, and I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] deej who is lovely and not at all axe-murdery, mostly and a super-generous host. I also saw LOTS OF OLD THINGS, it was the best.

As a result of being on vacation, things I am behind on include: the last two episodes of Lip Service, the last three episodes of Community. Folks who spoiler me for these will make me very cross.

However, I maaaaybe brought the first season of Leverage with me on holiday and maaaaybe started watching it and maaaybe hypothetically I'm starting season two right now and BASICALLY, WHERE IS THE FIC WHERE PARKER IS SOPHIE'S LIVE-IN LOVER. THEY ARE SO GOOD WITH EACH OTHER AND I FEEL LIKE THEY WOULD BOTH BE EXCELLENT AT ODDLY AFFECTIONATE YET VERY CASUAL SEX, Y/Y/MFY? Tell me this is a thing that is real.

Also, asdlfkjs;kj; CAN WE DISCUSS THE STUFF THAT IS COMING OUT RE: WAREHOUSE S4? Because there are some spoilers through the end of S3 and for S4 preview stuff. )

Anyway. In conclusion, may we please talk about this at length, flist? I've missed you so.
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Oh gosh, internets. You know that Pirates Epic I have been grousing/enthusing about for LITERALLY MONTHS WHO LET ME SIGN UP FOR A THING, HORRIBLE IDEA? It is done, and I am super proud of it, and you can totally read it!

Some Vast Heart, Lost Girl Pirate AU, Bo/Lauren, NC-17
Five times Captain Lewis crossed paths with the Dread Pirate Bo, and the the things that happened once she did. (AO3 | LJ | DW)

(If you read it and like it, I'd appreciate it if you left a comment, rather than kudos. It makes my wee heart glad.)

Also, vacation beginneth: now! I have a tablet full of Warehouse 13 to pimp to [livejournal.com profile] deej and other fun shows, and my camera all ready to take pictures of SO MANY THINGS, I pretty much cannot wait.
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Oh good grief, has it been this long since I posted? I AM ASHAMED OF MYSELF, INTERNET. FOR REALS. Anyway:

1) EXCITING THINGS HAPPEN TOMORROW. Namely: it is my posting date for [livejournal.com profile] fivetimesbb, which means my Bo And Lauren Are Sexy Pirates: No Seriously, It Works: Trust Me Epic is now DONE. I am pretty thrilled.

Also: I get on an airplane and then I get to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] deej and [livejournal.com profile] ladyvivien and also have adventures in THE LAND WHERE LITERALLY I COULD SEE A CASTLE EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NOT SEE ALL THE CASTLES. I am pretty pumped about this development, as I am sure you can all imagine.

2) Watching Lip Service. THAT SHOW IS RIDICULOUS, yet I kind of love it all the same.

I miss you, flist. Tell me how you've been. Let's ~chat.~
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Ahaha, so you guys, the Lost Girl S1 DVDs are out and I love this show (obvs, see previous re: all of my feelings ever), but LOLLLL LOWEST BUDGET DVDS EVER. Literally there are no special features, the back of the DVD box is a cast list and a list of 'features' such as: sound, subtitles, colour. [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego was joking with me on Twitter that ~maybe there was even scene selection~, but ACTUALLY: NO. YOU JUST SELECT AN EPISODE AND IT PLAYS FROM START TO FINISH, AND IF THAT'S NOT FANCY ENOUGH FOR YOU THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO WATCH SOME OF THAT FANCY-PANTS MONEY-WASTING ~AMERICAN PROGRAMMING~.

Things that are awesome: Bo and Lauren and Kenzi and Hale on my TV in GLORIOUS HIGH-DEF. Some people's hair does not really look that great in GLORIOUS HIGH-DEF, but IT IS THERE. Also, for those of you who have qualms about ~dubious methods of TV acquiring~, you can now stop your hemming and hawing. Watch this stupid TV show full of lovable dumb Canadians with bizarre powers who make out and are best friends and sometimes have to come together to fight people's evil moms.

Also SOMEDAY IN A FUTURE NEAR ENOUGH THAT I CAN ACTUALLY ENVISION IT, my RL will slow down enough for me to finish my [livejournal.com profile] fivetimesbb, and oh good grief I PINE FOR THE DAY.

Other things:

1. Lip Service is back and on the one hand: A TV SHOW ENTIRELY ABOUT LESBIANS, NO BOYS ALLOWED, THEY SHOULD MAKE THAT EXIST ON ALL THE SHOW. Also: Heather Peace doing things. On the other, I want to knock Frankie and Cat's heads together, WHY.
2. I am totally super enjoying The New Girl, but. . .mostly for Jess. I kind of don't care about Schmidt at all. Still: jokes! People! Fabulous dresses!
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Guys, I kind of gave up on Gossip Girl at the beginning of last season, as I'm sure you all have noticed. Not over some like, scandalous case of disgust with the show or anything - I just got behind on my TV, and then friends of mine stopped watching, and I never really saw reason to catch up. (Although god, do I ever miss Serena van der Woodsen in my life.)

However, I never got around to removing all of the Gossip Girl comms from my friendslist, and now all these set photos from Season 5 filming are coming out, and I have no idea what's going on but Blake Lively's hair is still so pretty. Sometimes I enjoy making up stories about them, and pretending that's what's happening with the characters.

Spoilers for S5 wardrobe, and also whatever is actually happening here, IDK.

these are their stories )

Tomorrow: fangirl lunchtime with [personal profile] noblealice and [personal profile] hjea! They have both 100% promised to start watching Warehouse 13!


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